It's Brooks Spike Week!

XC season is ALMOST upon us!! Everyone has logged their summer miles, practice is under way again, and people are getting excited to race. But the real question right now is, have you gotten your spikes?? Arguably one of the best parts of starting a new cross country season is gearing up for the season with new shoes, new clothes, and of course new racing spikes. I remember always scouting before races to see who had the newest spikes, and was always confident knowing I had the latest model (granted I am not even three months removed from high school, but you still get the point).

Now is your chance to spike up for the season because its Brooks Spike Week!! This week only, when you purchase the new Brooks Mach 17 XC spikes, you will get a free spike bag and a sick pair of Brooks socks to go with your new spikes. And don't under estimate the power of a sick pair of race socks. They truly can be an important part of your race. Trust me from experience on that.

Make sure to check out to get your Mach 17's. Spike week ends on Sunday night at 11:59 PM.