Oregon Relays 2014

Eugene, OR

Meet Information


Time Event Gender Section Field Size Site Notes/Entry Guideline
1:00 PM Heptathlon 100 Meter Hurdles Women Heptathlon
1:30 PM Decathlon 100m Men Decathlon
1:45 PM Heptathlon High Jump Women Heptathlon
2:05 PM Decathlon Long Jump Men Decathlon
2:30 PM Heptathlon Shot Put Women Heptathlon
3:00 PM Decathlon Shot Put Men Decathlon
3:15 PM Heptathlon 200 Meters Women Heptathlon
3:50 PM Decathlon High Jump Men Decathlon
5:15 PM Decathlon 400 Meters Men Decathlon


Time Event Gender Section Field Size Site Notes/Entry Guideline
12:00 PM Decathlon 110m Hurdles Men Decathlon
12:45 PM Decathlon Discus Men Decathlon
1:00 PM Heptathlon Long Jump Women Heptathlon
2:00 PM Decathlon Pole Vault Men Decathlon
2:00 PM Heptathlon Javelin Women Heptathlon
3:15 PM Decathlon Javelin Men Decathlon
3:15 PM Heptathlon 800 Meters Women Heptathlon
4:30 PM Decathlon 1,500 Meters Men Decathlon

3:40 PM Hammer Throw Women
4:20 PM Pole Vault Women East Runway
4:35 PM High Jump Men East Apron
4:50 PM Wheelchair 100 Meters Mixed
4:55 PM National Anthem
5:00 PM Javelin Men
5:00 PM 3,000 Meter Steeplechase Men
5:15 PM Shot Put Women West Ring
5:15 PM 3,000 Meter Steeplechase Women
5:25 PM Hammer Throw Men
5:25 PM Long Jump Women West Runway
5:30 PM Long Jump Men East Runway
5:28 PM 200 Meters Men
5:36 PM 200 Meters Women
5:47 PM 400 Meter Hurdles Men
5:57 PM 400 Meter Hurdles Women
6:08 PM 800 Meters Men
6:18 PM 800 Meters Women
6:28 PM Wheelchair 200 Meters Mixed
6:33 PM 5,000 Meters "B" Men
6:50 PM 5,000 Meters "B" Women
6:50 PM Pole Vault HS Girls East Runway Open at 8' 0"
6:40 PM High Jump HS Boys East Apron Open at 5' 10"
7:05 PM Discus HS Girls Infield Min. measure = 85' 0"
7:10 PM 3,000 Meters HS Girls
7:20 PM Shot Put HS Boys West Ring Min. measure = 41' 0"
7:25 PM 3,000 Meters HS Boys "A" Section
7:40 PM Distance Medley Relay HS Girls 1200m-400m-800m-1600m
8:00 PM Distance Medley Relay HS Boys 1200m-400m-800m-1600m
8:20 PM 10,000 Meters Women

Saturday High School Session

Time Event Gender Section Field Size Site Notes/Entry Guideline
10:00 AM Javelin HS Girls Min. measure = 95' 0"
10:05 AM 3,000 Meters HS Boys "B" Section
10:20 AM 3,000 Meters HS Girls Freshmen
10:35 AM 3,000 Meters HS Boys Freshmen
10:50 AM 100 Meters HS Girls Freshmen
10:55 AM 100 Meters HS Boys Freshmen
11:00 AM Sprint Medley Relay HS Girls 200m-200m-400m-800m 211:20 AM Sprint Medley Relay HS Boys 200m-200m-400m-800m
11:40 AM 4 x 100 Meter Relay HS Girls
12:00 AM 4 x 100 Meter Relay HS Boys
12:05 PM Long Jump HS Girls West Runway Min. measure = 14' 6"
12:05 PM Long Jump HS Boys East Runway Min. measure = 19' 0"
12:15 PM Javelin HS Boys Min. measure = 145' 0"
12:20 PM 1,500 Meters HS Girls
12:35 PM Shot Put HS Girls West Ring Min. measure = 30' 0"
12:50 PM Hammer HS Boys Min. measure = 90' 0"
12:40 PM 1,500 Meters HS Boys
1:00 PM 100 Meter Hurdles HS Girls
1:20 PM Pole Vault HS Boys East Runway Open at 11' 0"
1:20 PM 110 Meter Hurdles HS Boys
1:40 PM 400 Meters HS Girls
2:00 PM 400 Meters HS Boys
2:05 PM High Jump HS Girls East Apron Open at 4' 8"
2:20 PM 100 Meters HS Girls
2:30 PM Discus HS Boys Infield Min. measure = 115' 0"
2:35 PM 100 Meters HS Boys
2:35 PM Triple Jump HS Girls West Runway Min. measure = 31' 6"
2:35 PM Triple Jump HS Boys East Runway Min. measure = 38' 6"
2:50 PM Hammer HS Girls Min. measure = 80' 0"
2:50 PM 300 Meter Hurdles HS Girls
3:10 PM 300 Meter Hurdles HS Boys
3:30 PM 200 Meters HS Girls
3:45 PM 200 Meters HS Boys
4:00 PM 800 Meters HS Girls
4:15 PM 800 Meters HS Boys
4:30 PM 4 x 400 Meter Relay HS Girls
4:50 PM 4 x 400 Meter Relay HS Boys

This is a co-ed team championship meet, meaning we want to find out who has the best overall team, girls and boys combined, from freshman to seniors.
-Team Format: Each of the 50 invited teams will be allowed 35 entries total. Since this is an overall co-ed team championship-style meet, you will want to bring your best combination of athletes, boys and/or girls. The number of events you want each of your athletes to do is up to the teams coach. *Example: Some teams may bring 10 athletes and compete them in 3.5 events each, while another team may bring 35 athletes and compete them in one event each.
--Relays count as 1 entry (as apposed to 4 entries).
--The overall team champions will result from the score of boys and girls combined.
-Scoring: The Oregon Relay high school sections will be scored like a normal championship-style meet. The top eight finishers in each event will be scored in the point format of 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The separate point totals for both boys and girls will be combined to determine the co-ed team champion.
*Example: Sherwood scores 40 team points on the boys side
60 team points on the girls side
their meet total would be 100 team points
-The Freshman Championships and the Wheelchair 100 and 1500 will count towards the team score and as entries.

-The individual athletes competing (athletes competing that are not on an invited team) in this meet will not be a factor in the team scoring process, but they will be fighting for individual prizes and places.

Pl Athlete School Pts
1 Runner A Invited school A 10
2 Runner B Invited school B 8
3 Runner C Individual ----
4 Runner D Individual ----
5 Runner E Invited school C 6
6 Runner F Invited school D 5
7 Runner G Invited school E 4
8 Runner H Invited school F 3
9 Runner I Individual ----
10 Runner J Invited school G 2
11 Runner K Invited school H 1

-Team champion awards:
A pizza party will be provided after the meet for the top two teams.
-The first place team will also get a team trophy.
-There will also be a team victory lap for the winning team after the pizza party. The victory lap and awards presentation will take place at 5:40 (about 40 min after the HS portion of the meet is over).
-Individual awards: for all events:
Places will be awarded by performance regardless of heat or flight.
--1st place: Oregon Relays Nike back pack : Oregon Relays letterman's jacket patch (reads "top finisher") : victory lap around Hayward Field possible picture on website and highlight poster.
--2nd place: Oregon Relays t-shirt: Oregon Relays letterman's jacket patch (reads "top finisher").
--3rd through 8th: Oregon Relays letterman's jacket patch (reads "top finisher").
*Relay Teams (awards go to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams)

-Check-in for Running Events Will follow this process: 1. Athletes must report to the Clerks Tent on the artificial turf field behind the West Grandstands NO later than 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the event (1 hour early to be safe). 2. Athletes will be escorted to the Holding Area underneath the West Grandstands. 3. Athletes will be escorted from the Holding Area to the starting line. 4. At the conclusion of the running event, athletes must exit the track through the gate adjacent to the finish line and proceed to the Post-Event Recovery Area. 5. Some athletes may also be escorted to the Media Interview Tent.

-Check-in for Field Events Will follow this process: 1. Athletes must walk directly to the field event site by following the path that begins at the holding area underneath the West Grandstands and enters the infield by the finish line. Athletes competing on the Hammer Field will report directly to the event site. 2. Athletes in field events must check-in with the appropriate official at the field event site and not with the Clerks. 3. At the conclusion of the field event, athletes must exit the infield through the gate adjacent to the finish line and proceed to the Post-Event Recovery Area. 4. Some athletes may be escorted to the Media Interview Tent.

-Implements inspection (Located next to the 1500 start) will begin on Friday at 2:30 p.m. and on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at the southeast corner of Hayward Field. All implements must be inspected at least one hour before the start of their event.
::Hammer Weights :: (boys 12#, girls 4k)

-There will be no Pole Vault weigh-ins, please bring your verification forms to the meet.

-All Long Throws will have a two warm-up throw limit.

-Practice Times - Hayward Field will be closed to visiting teams on Thursday until 5:30 p.m. The facility will be available to college/open athletes ONLY for practice on Thursday from 5:30-8:30 p.m. only. The discus ring will be available for practice from 5:30-7:00 p.m. only. The javelin runway will be available from 7:00-8:30 p.m. only. Hayward Field will not be open for practice on Friday so that the facility can be prepared for competition. High school teams and athletes are not permitted to practice on Hayward Field, they must use the warm-up track.

-The warm-up track is located at the South end of Hayward Field.
::Athletes competing in track events must use the warm-up track to warm-up.
::Field event athletes will be escorted on and off the facility

-Dressing Facilities, changing rooms, showers, and towels are available in the Bowerman Building.

-Spikes - Athletes may use only pyramid or Christmas tree spikes that are no larger than 7mm (1/4) in length. High jumpers and javelin throwers must use a 9 mm (3/8). Spikes will be checked and those not meeting the regulations must be replaced by the athlete. No pin spikes will be allowed on the competition, warm-up or practice tracks.

-Starting heights / Minimum measuring marks: As mentioned when the accepted entries were released, the minimum measuring marks and starting heights are up next to each event on the SCHEDULE. These had to be raised to work with the combined time schedule.

-Certified Trainers will be available behind the West grandstands for emergencies (an ambulance will also be present).

-NFHS and your State/Prov Rules will be in place at the Oregon Relays (high school sections).
::Appeals can only be filed once an infraction is noted and ruled upon there is a $25 refundable fee for appeals.
::There is no meet camera or tape (except at the finish line) to review in case of a DQ or no call.

-Headphones and cell phones are not allowed in competition areas.

-Concessions will be available.

-Coaches will not be allowed on the infield.

-Jewelry rules: No athlete can wear jewelry during competition, please advise all your athletes that if they show up to their competition wearing jewelry they will be disqualified.

-Coaches meeting - There will be no coaches meeting this year.

-Lodging Eugene, Cascades & Coast has put together a great list of hotels sorted by the distance from Hayward Field! Click here to see the list.
*Please contact the hotel directly for reservations

-All entries are due by Sunday, April 13th at 11:00 pm - All entries will be handled through the Athletic.net website (www.athletic.net).

-All accepted entries will be posted on this website on Tuesday, April 15th by late afternoon.

-Starting lists with lane/section/flight assignments will be posted on this website: Wednesday afternoon -- April 16th.

-Scratches Please email Ross Krempley at ross@teamxo.com with all scratches as soon as you know them.

-To enter Hayward: Coaches use their wristbands, athletes use their bib numbers and wristbands.

-Bus Parking: Buses may drop off and pick up students on Agate Street south of the intersection with 17th Ave. Buses may park in the EAST lot at Autzen Stadium (by the Baseball field). There is no parking for buses available near Hayward Field. To access the bus parking in the EAST lot, please use Entry 5 from Leo Harris Parkway (download map).

-Seating: The L and M stands will be available for athletes and coaches at the meet this year (the rest of the seating area is for the people who have reserve seats).

-Results will be posted during the meet on the equipment shed at the Southeast end of Hayward Field. A results packet will not be provided at the conclusion of the meet. Complete results will be posted on this website after the meet.

-Admission Fees:
Adult Reserved $12
Adult GA $10
Youth (2-17), Students & Senior (62+) GA $8
U.O. Students Free (with student ID)
Kids 2 and under Free

-Meet Photograph: This year we will be doing a limited number of photos and they will not be for sale.

-Nike gear - T-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeved shirts and polo shirts will be available for sale at the meet for the following prices.
Nike T-Shirt TBD
Nike Long-Sleeve Tee TBD
Nike Polo Shirt TBD

-Coaches and athletes may pick up packets at Gate 15 on Agate street by the east grandstands (across from the firestation) on Friday, beginning at 2:15 p.m. and on Saturday, beginning at 8:30 a.m.

-Entry fees are due when you pick up your packet

-Packet contents:
Up to 5 Coaches wristbands for meet entry
Athlete bib numbers and wristbands
Schedule of events, Meet information, Meet program, Heat sheets