NTN Race Day Photos Dec 05, 2004

Photos by Bob Cooke capturing both the race and the atmosphere in Portland.

Park Pride XC Club Finishes 20th at NTN Dec 04, 2004

When it was all said and done, it was truly a great event. Sure, the sun never shined, it felt like the midst of winter, and it was foggy and damp most of the time, some thought the course was too hard, some in the minority thought the course was too easy, but along the way it was one heck of an experience for all involved.

Day 2 at Nike Team Nationals Dec 04, 2004

Today the teams got their first look at the European style course created from the infield of Portland Meadows race track.

Nike Team Nationals: Pre-Race Photos Dec 04, 2004

Photos from Bob Cooke who is in Portland for checking out the scenery. These are some photos of the teams arriving and the course being prepared for today\'s big race!

12/3-Cedar Cliff gongs themselves. Saving best for the race. Dec 04, 2004

PA\'s only representative at the inaugural Nike Team Championships in Portland, Oregon is the Harrisburg Harriers, aka, the Cedar Cliff Colts. At the opening ceremony, in an elite-athlete judged gong show format, Cedar Cliff actually gonged themselves.

Day 1 at Nike Team Nationals Dec 03, 2004

I represent one of the 4 teams from Texas at the first ever Nike Team National event. My intent was to jot down a few items each day and send them to Alex to publish. Little did I know how hard it would be. I am sitting in my room at the Embassy Suites on Friday morning 5:15 local time not really remembering where I am or what time it is.

The Vision: Qualify for NTN, How Winter Park Succeeded Dec 03, 2004

Earlier this year, Nike, in conjunction with the USATF, announced a brand new concept in cross-country running: Nike Team Nationals. The boys from Winter Park were the lone Florida team that managed to land one of the coveted berths. Here\'s how they did it.

11/21-PA teams drop in final NE rankings Nov 22, 2004

The two remaining PA teams in the Northeast rankings have dropped in the preliminary final list of the season, one a single place, and the other, at least two.

8/13-NTN Team Selection Process Aug 13, 2004

As the inaugural Nike Team Nationals cross-country event is now less than 4 months away, the finalized rankings and selection process will utilize every bit of available information in order to identify the most successful cross-country squads throughout the fall campaign.

8/6-NTN Regional Editors Named Aug 08, 2004

Dyestat has named regional editors to coordinate news from each of the eight NTN regions. These editors, along with Marc Bloom and John Dye, will also form the NTN rankings committee, which will issue the NTN Regional Rankings each week during the season.

8/5-Nike & Foot Locker cooperating in post-season Individiual/Team meets Aug 05, 2004

The high school cross country championship picture is coming into focus with talks between Nike and Foot Locker this summer. The two major corporate sponsors of high school cross country are near agreement for continuation of the Nike sponsorship of the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships. Foot Locker in turn will be a sponsor of the new Nike Team Nationals (NTN).

7/8-Nike Team Nationals count Briarwood Inv as key race Jul 08, 2004

Who are the top boys and girls teams in the US? No arguement. No discussion. No doubts. The questions will be answered on December 4th at the first Nike Team Nationals in Oregon. That\'s the Saturday between Northeast Foot Lockers in New York and the Foot Locker Finals in San Diego.