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9 years ago The story
Wow, joggerarizona, how badly did Matt Rice destroy you in a race? I've been looking at all the f...
9 years ago JUDE BURST of New Orleans WINS 10 & under @ FOOTLOCKER SOUTH
Congrats to Eric Coston. 2nd place. 11-12 Boys.
10 years ago Cross Country predicitons
What about 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A boys and girls?
10 years ago malia getting no love on dyestat
That 18:11 is slow, sorry Malia, but she can run better. she ran that right off an injury where s...
11 years ago STA/Trafton meet
Look, i know the pepl hostin the meet. they measured it out and it is NOT to long. it was just ri...